2017 Oscar Bingo free party game

2017 Oscar bingo game: free printable for your Oscar party

2017 Oscar bingo is ready for downloading! This is my 9th annual free printable Oscar party game.

Download the file:

2017 Oscar bingo game PDF

How the game works:
There are 20 different game cards in the printable PDF file. I take care to arrange each carefully by hand—the bingo cards aren’t randomly generated. I’m aiming to make a bingo not too easy but not too hard.

  • Save the PDF to your computer
  • Open it in Adobe Reader
  • Print the number of pages you need at 100% size

The first person to mark off five squares in a line wins. It could be a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. There’s no freebie in the middle, so you’ve got your work cut out for you.

2017 Oscar bingo printable cards

Printing tip:
The 2017 Oscar bingo file is black and white so it’s easy to print on any printer. Use colored paper to make it more festive. I’ve used this metallic gold paper before. It works with laser printers and ballpoints or Sharpies.

Play Oscar bingo with friends:
At an actual Oscar party with in-person friends, give gift cards, movie candy, or mini champagne bottles as prizes. Or play with long-distance friends by text or tweet. (I’m @howaboutorange on Instagram and Twitter, #haobingo).

Fallibility disclaimer:
Like every year, my disclaimer applies: Someone might get a bingo ten minutes into the telecast, or maybe your group won’t have a winner at all because my psychic powers have failed this year. Don’t hate me if it goes awry.

Matching DIY decorations for your Oscar party:
I’ve put printables that match the 2017 bingo game in my Etsy shop. Posters, wine bottle labels, tent cards, cupcake and appetizer toppers, and more. Plus a matching Oscars ballot with point system. Get everything here. Have fun!


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