types of logos lettermark wordmark combination

Types of logos

Examples of logos can be useful for clients during a brand identity project. Here’s a roundup of four different types of logos: lettermarks, wordmarks, pictorial marks, and combination marks.   Lettermarks Lettermarks are just what they sound like: logos that are made of letters. Whether...
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How to work with a graphic designer

How to work with a graphic designer: tips for the best project outcome

You’ve hired a graphic designer for your project. You’re excited! They’re excited! Now, how do you work with the designer to ensure a great result? Avoid these communication pitfalls to keep thing moving smoothly.   Be precise. Don’t give vague direction. When kicking off a...
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Independent graphic designer AIGA event

AIGA event: Becoming an independent graphic designer

I’ll be joining three excellent panelists at a Cincinnati AIGA event on April 27. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of getting started as an independent graphic designer, finding work, relating to clients, building a business, and avoiding missions that self-destruct. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s...
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Big typographic wall art tutorial

I’ve been waiting to find something wonderful to hang on the empty chimney wall in our office. I finally got tired of searching and painted a DIY placeholder. It will do the job until I either win the lottery or find an affordable, huge… something. After posting a photo...
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A useful color selector

Let’s pretend you’ve hired a designer to create a logo for your company. In your mind, you’re envisioning the precise shade of green that would make all your logo dreams come true. Your designer says, “Super! Show me a swatch!” And then you’re stymied—what should...
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