designing a logo pair

Designing a logo pair

When Cloud9 Fabrics decided to launch a line of yarns, they needed a companion logo for the new brand. Sometimes with logo projects, the world is your oyster. Sometimes there are constraints. This one...
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is branding dirty

Is branding gross?

As a brand identity designer, I meet clients with varying attitudes toward branding. Some are excited. These gung-ho clients know that a strong identity can improve their already-great organization. They’re ready to dive in....
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nappy stock photos

Stock photo sites that feature people of color

A friend recently shared an article about stock photo sites that feature people of color. I’d never heard of any of them. I got excited! The go-to sites in the graphic design industry mainly...
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best free stock photo sites

The 10 best free stock photo sites

A number of sites offering good, free high-resolution stock photos have emerged in the last few years. Thank you to the generous photographers who are making their work available. It gives schools, non-profits, charities,...
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Pro bono work

Pro bono? Uh oh!

Why you should say no to some pro bono work and ask many questions before saying yes. If you’re a graphic designer, you probably get asked to work for free every now and then....
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client gift ideas

Creative promotional items and client gift ideas

Nobody needs a third travel mug with a dorky logo on it. The universe already has plenty of corporate water bottles, chip clips and stress balls. Here’s a roundup of more creative promotional items...
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corduroy fabric Jessica Jones surface pattern designer

Corduroy fabric in modern prints

Some of my recent surface pattern designs are now available on lightweight, baby wale corduroy fabric. This collection of happy, modern prints for Cloud9 Fabrics is now in stores, sold by the yard. Spring...
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types of logos lettermark wordmark combination

Types of logos

Examples of logos can be useful for clients during a brand identity project. Here’s a roundup of four different types of logos: lettermarks, wordmarks, pictorial marks, and combination marks.   Lettermarks Lettermarks are just...
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How to work with a graphic designer

How to work with a graphic designer: tips for the best project outcome

You’ve hired a graphic designer for your project. You’re excited! They’re excited! Now, how do you work with the designer to ensure a great result? Avoid these communication pitfalls to keep thing moving smoothly....
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