2014 Oscar ballot and bingo game

Oscar bingo cards free printable

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I just finished my sixth annual Oscar bingo and ballot set, free for the downloading. Whether you’re hosting a viewing party on Sunday or lounging with the fam, nothing makes the Academy Awards better than some friendly competition.

To use the ballot: Print one for each guest and have them mark their predictions before the show starts. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

To use the bingo cards: 20 different game cards are included in the PDF. Print out the number of pages you’ll need for your guests. The first person to mark off five squares in a line wins. It could be a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. (This year I removed the center “free” space to make you work a little harder.)

Download the 2014 Oscar ballot here

Download the 2014 Oscar bingo game here

And like every year, a disclaimer: Maybe someone will get a bingo ten minutes into the telecast, or maybe your group won’t have a winner at all because my psychic powers have failed. Best of luck!